• The cruises have liquor rules and I wanted to share this. I read it on another site some time ago.

    "I wanted to clarify a few things, it is true, you can bring on water and soda, but they will most likely get flagged and you will have to go down to deck 2 for a bag inspection. When the scanner sees cans or bottles, they do not check them then; it is just pulled to the side and ends up on deck 2. When your bags do not arrive in your cabin, you are told to go to deck 2 to find your bag.

    Once you find your bags, which is when they have you open the bags and pull out any suspicious items. If they find any alcohol in sealed containers, they will tag them and give them back to you when the cruise is over. If they find any alcohol in open bottles (open water bottles, mouthwash containers, rum runner bags, etc... all of the alcohol is poured out and you lose what you brought.

    I went to deck 2 on the last cruise to see what was seized and I was amazed. I really should have taken some pictures of the cases of beer, wine and liquor that were tagged, but what really surprised me was how much alcohol was found in water bottles, shampoo bottles and these "rum runnner" bags. There was a TON of liquor that ended up getting poured out. I mean a lot.

    I just wanted to warn you in case you think anything that you get caught with will be returned to you. Only sealed cans or bottles."  Thanks to this author guess we will drink a lot of water, tea and coffee :).




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  • Nate & Amber
    Nate & Amber So what is the cost of booze on the trip?
    February 7, 2013
  • Bill & Susan
    Bill & Susan We did the drink package at $550 for the duration of the cruise. we added up the reciepts and we drank a little over $400 worth so RCL "won" We drank a comfortable amount, I'm sure we could have exceeded $550 worth but putting ourselves into an ...  more
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  • Gary & Tami
    Gary & Tami Our Shambooze and Rum Runners have gone through each time, although I admit I don't know how. Those Rum Runners glow bright orange on the xray machine!! We purchased the booze package though. No more watching the booze bill.
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  • CJ & Connie
    CJ & Connie We've managed to get through every time with Rum Runners. Perhaps we were lucky, but friends who borrowed them also got through.
    On our last LS cruise (Nov 2012), everyone was allowed to bring one bottle of wine with them (2 per cabin, basically).
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