Freedom Day 3

  • Third day. We were in Labadee. We were going to ride the zip line but decided to wait for Jamaica. We did ride the dragon roller coster several times and enjoyed the beach. Many topless ladies and Caribbean drinks. We had dinner at Chops with friends. Chops is always a fun dinner with extra special staff members. Everything seems to taste better in the fancy environment of Chops. They actually light the tiramasu on fire to melt the sugar. Smells like roasted marshmellows. When you have a chance on a cruise do try the resturants that cost extra because they make for a special evening. 


    Be sure to check out the pictures in the Freedom 2013 photo album.

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  • T & M
    T & M Love your updates....keep them coming
    November 14, 2013
  • Pat & Kim
    Pat & Kim making us wish we were there with you..
    November 14, 2013